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This season of craft fairs has been great!

Greenville Christian Academy’s Fall Festival and the Jamil Shriners’ Craft Fair was a blast, and we had so much fun getting feedback and suggestions from everyone we met. We sold out and sold down on several more outfits and are busily sewing up more now.

We’ve also moved over to Etsy shop! Our team tees are still on ebay, but you can now find our outfits on our Etsy page here. There’s a handful up now, and we’ll be adding more as we sort out from the shows and put together more outfits.

For new outfits, check out our Blue Rhapsody gown available on our Etsy store! We’ll be making more in different color variations soon, including a hot pink dress, a black, and more of the boysenberry purple shade that we sold out of.

Carolina Cutie and Sapphire Flame (link to be added) are both down to their last one! We won’t be making any more of these, so grab them before they’re gone!

For more outfits, pop on over to our Etsy store, give us a favorite, and stock up on outfits for your doll!

Just back from the Columbia Craft Show!

We attended the Jamil Shriner’s Craft Fair this past weekend and WOW what a great turn out!

Morgan & I appreciate all the customers and new friends we made this weekend and hope to see you again next year!

We did sell out of several of our outfits at the show but don’t worry we will be adding new outfits shortly, and will be sewing up a storm to replace several of the most popular outfits to refill the sell-outs.

Till next time…