About Us

Doll Emporium Clothing Company began in 2011, the brainchild of a mom, her two daughters, and one son-in-law.  We had all grown up creating fantastic world with our childhood dolls, but as we got older, we found dolls to be growing farther and farther away from each of us.  The clothes were too mass market.  Too expensive.  Too cheaply made.  Why couldn’t there be a line of well-made, fashionable clothing for dolls that wouldn’t break the bank?  None of us could say why there couldn’t be, so from that moment, Doll Emporium Clothing Company was born.

We have set out from the beginning to be a different kind of company.  On that not only inspires young girls’ imaginations but also supports each girls’ creativity and individuality with outfits not commonly available otherwise.  From modern clothing to career-based attire and even multicultural outfits, we strive to create an exceptional experience and capture the heritage and imaginations of girls everywhere.

Doll Emporium Clothing Company

We do fashion on a small scale.